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I learned too late that you do NOT take your car to any gas station if you are in a hurry....

But, there was one time, where we had to. We had finished the car after four years of work, and were taking in on a shake down on quite a long trip. On our way home, my son was driving, and I was closing my eyes when the engine started to miss badly, and I woke up to ask my son if we were slowing down because of something he did... He just gave me the look.... and coasted to a stop out in the middle of no where it seemed, and it was then that we both realized we started out that morning but forgot to fill the fuel tank.... and we had not installed a gas gauge yet but relied on the trip odometer for "range." Well... you guessed it... I walked the 100 yards to a rural golf course, found the superintendent, and pleaded my case. He was happy to help and brought out a couple gallons of gas, and gave me a ride in a golf cart back to the car..... He was blown away, and didn't even charge me for the gas! As it turns out, about a half mile down the road was a rural BP station and we stopped there to fill the tank..... and that is where we got that "experience" again and the people came out of the store and everyone came over to see the car.... We did the best we could not to offend anyone but wound up just driving off. You have to.

PS... One more story and it happens most of the time... We were driving the car to a nearby town to have a VW mechanic look at a few things, and when we got to a stop sign, a group of obvious high school girls with too much time on their hands, started shouting at us "we LOVE your car!!!"


If your sons a teenager, that second story sounds like a missed opportunity ;-). That's when you throw him the keys and say have fun......