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looking for the guy with the viper 2000


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hello everyone my names carl minor the son of gary minor and nephew to joe polumbo i am very interested in conecting withnthe person who has the viper 2000 any help os appreciated


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Hi Carl. I can give you a little bit of the middle of the story on that car but unfortunately I won't be much help with the most important part of your quest which is in regards to who owns it and how to contact them.

We know that the car was in Canada for many, many years languishing outside behind someone's house. It came up for sale a few years ago during the two years when Bob Welsh (from Delaware) owned the molds for the Sterling. During those two years Bob went far out of his way to collect up on a few of the rare variations of the Sterling and Cimbria derivatives including that Viper 2000 and also a white Fortvac Bernardi. I was in the shop during the conversation in which he was trying to justify grabbing and importing that Viper 2000. Everyone in the room was fascinated by it. I definitely was, but I was intimidated about the challenge on getting it into the US from Canada. Also, Rick (Letterman) had scared me off by its engine insofar as that it's an expensive, finicky engine (and the one on it was shot.)

Anyhow, we were thrilled that Bob got it because we felt like he had "saved" it from rotting behind someone's house. The car came to a warehouse (Bob's shop) in Delaware for maybe about a year. During that year, Bob had some other projects going on that took his focus away from Sterlings and Cimbrias which eventually let to him letting go of several cars, including the Viper 2000.

If my memory serves me, I think the car went someplace far away, like overseas. Rick often has a few more pieces of various Sterling/Cimbria puzzles and he might have one or two more details. I suspect he'll find this posting within 24 hours and will add to it if he has anything.

It would make sense that Bob Welsh would remember or have a record of who that car went to. Unfortunately, we haven't actually heard from him in more than a year. We're hoping he is okay.

Anyhow, I know this doesn't solve the mystery for you but hopefully it gives a few more bread crumbs.

Here are a few photos of the car in Bob's shop. The time stamp on them was November 2013. Man, time flies.

(As a bonus, you can spot the Bernardi in the background as well as long time Cimbria super-enthusiast Fuzz.)


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ahh yeah we knew it was in canda and i saw it was in Delaware from forums here, i had always wanted it back in the family and now a bit more ready for the project, also my uncle passed away from covid last week so made me think i need to get on the ball, thank you for all your information and photo


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side note there was another tubular framed one like the viper a burgundy color with a v8 in it sold to a guy in new Jersey back when the viper was made. i attached a great photo of my father and uncle with the cham p


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The Viper now resides in Australia. You may want to contact the Eureka group to see if anyone knows it's whereabouts.


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I had the absolute pleasure to drive the Viper 2000 from Vancouver to North Vancouver around 1988-89 when it was in exceptional running condition. I remember being at a stop light in North Vancouver pulled up alongside a family sedan and I had both side windows stowed (they didn't roll up or down but were either installed or removed. The gentleman, with his family in the car rolled his window down and asked about the Viper..."Is it as fast as it looks?" he asked. I nodded and said it sure is! "Can you show us?" he asked. Well, that 930 turbo Porsche powerplant didn't disappoint them as the light changed, the car rocketed from the light and I never did see them after that. It was an incredible car and I was sorry to have to deliver it to the address up in North Van. It was the home of one of Muhammad Ali's former wives. I consider that opportunity one of the special memories in my automobile experience. It was a surprise and pleasure to find this forum dedicated to the history of Sterling and its history.


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Thanks for joining and sharing that story. I've wanted to respond back when you first posted it but it got lost in the mix. That's a really rare "slice of life" story about the history of our cars and we appreciate you taking the time to share. :)