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Moving to Texas


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Looks Like I will be moving to Texas sometime in April/May time frame.
The car will travel down most likely the beginning of next year though.

Since the Texas dmv website has nothing on it about kit cars I figured i'd ask the texans for some guidance.
My car was titled in New Jersey as a 67 beetle. I don't think it is supposed to be but the dmv people are lazy so they just pushed it through. I take it I need to get it titled and registered as a kit car.
Will it being titled in NJ as a beetle make any problems when I try to register it as a kit in Texas?

Can anyone give me a good inspection station to take it to in or around San Antonio?


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Where in TX? I might also be moving to Texas in about two years. Nothing confirmed yet. But its enough to start checking out home prices.

Any guidance from the Texans on this forum?