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Pog's Sterling (CCC293)


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Sort of. When the engine is warming up they also serve for the overall gas being served during the range of rpm. Will it stay running, even if running rich? In that video it seemed like it was struggling a little. Funny thing about VW engines.. they want to be run at speed, not just idling. I'm thinking that if you did all the prep work on the step-by step setup, adjusted the volume and bypass when it was warmed up (what's your idle rpm?), if it's safe to run it around the block... I'd run it around the block. Get the engine breathing and see how it reacts. I think what you're seeing "puddling" in the intake is just that - there isn't enough oomph to bring all the fuel into the cylinders. Rev it up by hand and leave it there - take it to 2500 rpm for a minute or two. Then let it come back to idle and see how it sits. If the engine has been "idle" for a long time, it's going to want to work it's way back into running condition.


Well I sent the 34pict3 out for a rebuild in December. I will be running the DVDA distributor when it comes back in and really hope that solves my idling issue. I would be thrilled to know I just can't rebuild a carb vs. something else.

With cold weather setting in I have been half tempted to just start body work to get things straight for primer but before that I am going to deal with the rear suspension and one leaky wheel.