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SUV lift system

Brett Proctor

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If both sides share a common fuse that should eliminate an electrical failure allowing one to operate and not the other. If its a mechanical glitch then cross your fingers it causes the common fuse to blow :D

Never thought of that and your right.

There is one test I didn't run and I guess it should be checked. If the system is in operation and a fuse blows will the system disengage the the drive system and allow manual operation or will the drive system stay engaged.

I think it would disengage because I think the drive system is engaged from an electromagnet.
Power top limit switches

Hay Brett, Everything good in LV? Looks like you have made progress this year.
I need help wiring limit switches that will stop the top going up and coming down when I use the remote fob. How do I tell the motor to stop at the correct moment. I could not find this topic anywhere. Can you or other members provide some guidance regarding type of limit switch and there placement on the canopy support bracket and a wiring diagram. Of course Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
Still thinking to use just a drivers seat, but have found a jump seat out of a Honda Odessey. Great storage and cup holder when down and a seat when necessary. Continue to work on interior.
Car has just been painted Subaru ceramic white and I will be using Satin black as accents on louvre panel and other areas.
Stay safe and out of trouble.


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Very pleased to see on euro-nova but it was good to see him on here too as he has a huge amount of stuff that is not just interesting but innovative.

I know as a webmaster on my club it is so hard to keep a forum going and interest alive, sometimes I feel like chucking the whole thing in too but it seems not a big que waiting to jump in and take over.

Brett Proctor

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Thought I'd put the ending to this post.
I have installed a SUV rear liftgate system in my car.
Each side has its own motor and they use a common control module wired in series so if one side malfunctions the other side stops and disengages also.
Cost of each lifting system at the pick a part yard was $16.50 each not including the control module. Cost of the control module was $20.00.
I also used the OEM wiring harness for the system. I don't recall how much that was.
I also used the latch system from the SUV. The cost of that was $8.00 each. I used 2. One for each side.
The system can use improvement but I didn't want to spent anymore time on it.
OK how does it work??
I have no issues with it. It works the same as it does in the SUV

A warning beeper goes off when activated to let you know the system is about ready to open or close.
It has its own limit switches already installed.
You can open and close the canopy manually or with the system and the key fob works to open it remotely.(you need the ignition switch for the key fob to work)
It has pinch sensors. If it senses an obstruction the system stops and disengages the drive system.
The latch system is big and bulky but I got it to fit. There are other systems that may work better but as I said I have already spent more time on this than I wanted to and I'm not getting any younger.
There is a little more but thats the condensed version.
The systems can work in our cars

Rob Sterling

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If you have time could you post pictures of how and where you mounted these and the year, model of the Caravan you sourced the parts from. I will be installing this system on my build
Thanks Rob

Brett Proctor

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Your setup will be a little different from mine.
I redesigned the lifting arms of the canopy so everything is hidden inside of the car.

This is the drive unit
The mounting bracket is held on with rivets. You can remove those to remove the bracket and make your own bracket if necessary.
This drive unit is out of a 2008 Grand Caravan.

You can hot wire the drive unit to bypass all the oem stuff.
The drive unit has a magnetic clutch to engage the drive unit. When its not engaged you can open and close the top manually, provided you still are using the oem gas struts.
I have no idea if the drive unit will open the top by itself or what would happen to the clutch if its continually energized for long periods of time. If it was energized for a long period it would drain the battery. I'm using the gas struts also so I can manually open and close the canopy without any help from the drive unit. That way if the drive unit fails I can still get in and out.
I have tried ( mine the word tried) to lift the canopy open with no assist from the gas struts and its no easy task.
Its not a bolt in setup. you'll need to fabricate stuff and probably do some fiberglassing., depending on how you plan to install it in your car.

Rob Sterling

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I would love to fly out for a weekend and take alot of notes and pictures. I have so many questions. I am curious on how you mated the fiesta dash to the fiberglass dash.The fiesta dash is made from plastic.

Brett Proctor

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I used 3M 08115 epoxy to join the parts together. I made a different forward section of the dash that gave me more room under the dash.
Next question.