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Windscreen Destroyed


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Hi Guys,

Please listen to the small voice inside of you when you drive of with your bonnet not securely locked. My bonnet have destroyed my windscreen after I have ignored the little voice. Ther is no windscreen available in South Africa. So please !!


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Oh, bummer! Yeah, that is a pretty common thing, unfortunately. One of our members here lost two in the space of a year or so due to a loose bonnet. Windscreens are still available in the UK as well as here; I suspect the shipping from the UK would be a bit cheaper.


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Good News

We have succeeded to have a glass manufacterer agreed to make 5 windscreens. Minimum order quantity. My windscreen is on its way for R3600 plus sales tax and courier funds.

After 22 years driving and playing with Eagle's it was a quite unintelligent move to drive without securing the bonnet.

Bonnet is repaired and the paint is 98% matched so yes I am only waiting for the new screen to arrive.

Thanks for the sympathy and support from you guys. Enjoy the day!!
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Brett Proctor

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Good to hear you were able to get one. Nothing worst than having one simple thing like a windscreen keeping you from getting your car back on the road.*thumbs up*