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Woodward dream cruise 2014


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:D How did you find that clip? I wonder whose car that was... you don't see too many yellow Sterlings around!


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During lunch I surf youtube videos of cars. I saw this one so I figured I'd see what showed up. It caught me by surprise when it went by.


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For those who don't have much time to watch, the "Lambo" is at 8 minutes.

This must be a great event to attend. I'll have to put it on the bucket list!

Maybe even with my "Lambo" if it ever gets finished!


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Dream Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise

Link to the home page for the cruise, looks like i have 212 days, 0 hours, 45 minutes and 27 seconds for finish my car.

Maybe I should make that 210 days, that give me 2 days to drive there.