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Road Trip to Carlisle Kit Car Nationals in my Shalako


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I decided to take the Shalako to Cralisle this year instead of the Sterling as I hoped to have the only Shalako there.

Here's the video I shot while taking the Shalako to the Carlisle Show - I shot this on my Ipad and due to the size of the IPad it can be a bit shakey - the Imovie version for Ipad is a bit limiting as well - so It's not exactly what I wanted but it's the best I could get given the limitations - enjoy:
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link fixed

Should work now - changed one pof the music peices and while in some parts of the world it won't work - it's fine here in the USA


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Nice trip, Yessongs. Looks like a pretty good event. The narration really helps the presentation. Well done. I'm hoping to be there next year in the Sebring.


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Nice video Yessongs,

Makes me want to work harder on my project to get out to Carlisle myself. Its only a 2500 mile + trip for me, but I would look forward to every mile on the way there.

You did a great job on covering the shows, for those of use whom couldn't be there. Keep up the good work!