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Here in Pennsylvania it's illegal to run two different size wheels . Ask Warren... he got busted on his state inspection because of a 1" discrepancy.
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You can't really make a blanket statement saying if different wheels make a difference, good or bad.

It all depends. Different wheels can mean (but doesn't always mean) different weight and different sidewall height of the tire. Now you start getting into sprung weight vs unsprung weight.

How tall the sidewall of the tire is changes everything.

The Porsche Carrera GT runs stock 19's in the front and 20's in the back if I remember correctly.

Basically, handling, performance and drivability are effected by so many aspects and they all play off one another.

Did you know that Formula 1 suspensions systems are designed with the compression and rebound of the tires in mind?
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If memory serves me right he was trying to sell his car a quite a few months ago for $40000.

What im trying to get an idea on is?

How in is right mind can he justify selling the car for that price when it looks like utter crap with everything that has been done to it.

*i nsane**ins ane*

Even his other car that he has as a video in his youtube section that is suppost to look like a an original batmobile is far from looking anywhere similar.

This guy really knows how to make people not want to buy his car as well as hurtful to look at.
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