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Default 968 rear valance for 944

I was searching for 944 parts on fleabay, and I came across a rear valance for a 944 that makes it look like the Porsche 968. It was about 300 dollars.
Now I'm sure the proportions aren't perfect for our cars, But I would think it might be close enough to use. Given the front bumper is fit-able to the sterling as Ive read; The rear might not be too far off in size. Im not using this for my project but I saw this and thought it would make for a very nice clean looking rear end option for someone.
Heres a picture of a 968's rear quarter.
968 rear valance for 944-porsche-968-back-3_193.jpg

Rick might know more about the size of things (after all he's been running around with a tape measure longer than most of us). But it looks like it would make for a very clean looking rear end, once the modifications were complete and it was adapted to fit the sterling's rear end.
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I know nothing of the 944 dimensions... Be aware, though, that those parts are probably a flexible plastic, not fiberglass, and would be a be-otch to make work properly.
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I doubt I'd find that word in the websters dictionary website. LOL
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